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Secador Your Style_remington

Choose a hair with Remington

Autor Gemma More Posts Para las que quieren lucir una melena perfecta en cualquier ocasión, la marca Remington ha sacado nuevos accesorios para secador y tenacillas. Besides the three that includes, narrow nozzle for perfect smooth, diffuser for natural curls and ahuecador, to a volume of root, Now we can attach the Spin Curl, waves to join desenfadadas, or narrow concentrator nozzle for perfect smooth. -Kit moldeador Your Style: is the molding that combines 3 one product. A molding clip, a conical curler and a thermal brush. Price: 59,90 € -Secador Your Style: includes a hub, un difusor y un accesorio para dar […] Read more…

Sets fluor

The fluorine to be carried on your nails

Autor Gemma More Posts Muchas de nosotras somos adictas a los colores flúor y otras tantas lo somos a Vinylux de CND. If we put these two premises we have a very tasty cocktail for the days of sun and sand. Yo misma me declaro culpable y enganchada a estos esmaltes por su textura y duración Los colores vibrantes que presenta Vinylux no son ninguna novedad, pero lo que nos ha dejado pasmadas y enamoradas es su neceser en tono ácido que te regala la marca al comprar 3 enamels range. Also, The kit includes a top coat and Solar Oil mini size, gift both. […] Read more…


Stretch marks are over

Author Gemma More Posts Who has not looked in the mirror and discovered a shingles color-pink-white pearly? They are the dreaded stretch marks, have been installed in different areas of the body at some point in our lives, hormonal changes, pregnancy, abrupt weight change. The we suffer both men and women. Now we have the solution to make them disappear. Cyanosure gives us the solution to the first non-ablative fractional laser. & Nbsp; Sessions 15 minutes, depending on the treatment area, Where the laser beams strike the groove causing the production of collagen and elastin , to reduce skin marks. In the IML protocol […] Read more…


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