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La urticaria tiene solución

Author Mary Víllora More Posts Today want to talk health, without further ado. Problem faced by many people & nbsp; who have been forced to change their lifestyle for this disease: urticaria. This video explains the case of Maria Josefa. Victim of chronic urticaria fifteen years after food poisoning. She tells how it changed his life to live with the symptoms of this disease. He suffered in silence, he felt the social rejection, impotence and unwillingness due to the consequences and the effects of medication to which he was subjected. & nbsp; At least, Josefa had the support of her husband and managed to leave […] Read more…


El pecho que deseas es posible

Author Mary Víllora More Posts is one of the most popular cosmetic operations in our country. And is that, a high percentage of women says he is unhappy with her bra size. Either by size, or by a genetic defect, breast augmentation by cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. Breast augmentation in Multiestética is practiced under general anesthesia and in the process is implemented, under the chest muscle, a silicone prosthesis. The result has a minimum duration of ten years. At that time prostheses must be replaced with new ones. The duration of the intervention is 1-2 hours and consists of a small […] Read more…

Una máscara de pestañas para festivaleras

Author Mary Víllora More Posts Miss Hippie is the name of the new mascara that L'Oreal & nbsp; Paris has created to create a chic hippie style. A hurricane brush that separates your eyelashes while giving them volume and lightness. L'Oreal has proposed that we go with our best additions to any summer occasion, including festivals so fashionable this season. Therefore it proposes a contest “Drive the hippie chic route” Upload a photo accompanied your three friends, with a total hippie chic look and #hippie hashtag followed by the name of the caravan of your dreams, for example #hippiesunset. 15 Lucky groups will win tickets […] Read more…

Protégete del sol y no pases calor

Author Mary Víllora More Posts Mark solar Piz Buin has launched Protect&Cool, a protective spray with cold mousse texture effect. Not only protects from UVA / UVB rays, but also cools the skin quickly providing a pleasant cooling effect that instantly soothes and refreshes like having an ice cream at full pool… The key to this product is the innovative technology of its easy absorption foam. With each application, the temperature of the epidermis gradually decreases instantly giving you a pleasant feeling of freshness frozen. This is the secret! Do not fancy giving it? Read more…


Ocho consejos para una piel grasa

Autor María Víllora More Posts Muchas sufrimos este mal y muchas veces al intentar arreglarlo con exceso de maquillaje o tratamientos equivocados, llegamos a empeorar el problema de la piel grasa. Brillos en la zona T, granitos, puntos negros… Todos ellos síntomas de una piel con exceso de grasa y una apariencia poco atractiva.  La firma española Sileä nos da unos consejos para mejorar el aspecto de este tipo de piel. 1. Si tu piel sufre acné, consulta antes de usar cualquier producto cosmético con tu dermatólogo, él mejor que nadie sabe lo que tu piel necesita tras elaborar un diagnóstico sobre la misma.   2. Duerme las horas que […] Read more…

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