Lip augmentation…temporary?

Full lips, with volume and juicy. They are the three premises that magazines we have “Suggested” we must have to be a woman 10. Y dado que la naturaleza no nos ha tratado a todas por igual en cuestión de cantidad de colágeno y otras sustancias que posee la piel, there are other alternatives, less natural, but very effective. According Pull. Marisa Tirado, dermatologist and member of the AEDV in Castellon de la Plana, the ideal filler has a number of qualities:

-Non allergenic.

-No migration.

-Minimal inflammation.





-Painless administration.

-Minimum recovery.

This leads us to affirm that today the most widely used in cosmetic clinics are the hyaluronic acid, the lipofiling and calcium hydroxyapatite.

injection of botox

Many years ago, type lips “Cher” were popular, retouched with permanent materials and not advisable, also deform the mouth so unsightly, could bring a host of problems later. According to Dr. Tirado “Se aconseja utilizar siempre rellenos reabsorbibles porque los cambios progresivos del envejecimiento modifican las estructuras cutáneas y por tanto las zonas a tratar”.

Focusing on temporary fillings, Dr.. Eduardo Moreno, Aesthetic Medicine specialist clinic RADS Beauty, speaks of the infiltration process at his clinic Hyaluronan.

-What is the advantage of temporary facial filler made to disappear in 9 months 1 year or more?

The temporal permite try stuffing Face, since the results are reversed course over the months. If you do not like the results, the same disappear completely, without sequelae at 9 months 1 year applied. Temporary fillings to suit the patient's chronological age, ie to deal with problems they may appear related to chronological aging of the skin, while continuing to migrate from the area where changes were introduced causing unsightly.

-What is the mouth area most in demand to improve?

Labial profiling is the most important in the treatment of the lips. The gel is injected to define the vermilion border, working in this area at a superficial level to leave the well-defined boundary. In younger patients the doctor often advised not to inject into the outer lip edge, as this may generate some “stiffness” in the area and produce an unattractive result.

V Upper Lip or Cupid's bow

Some patients resort to this treatment lacking it by birth defect or other reasons, which is create from nothing. In most patients the treatment was completed with a contoured lip.

Dar volume to labio Superior

This treatment begins with a profiled lip, because you never added a lip volume has not previously been outlined or defined. The gel is injected with linear technology to accentuate the vermilion border. This will bring the lip more red. The doctor will see the harmony of the face, the nose, lips and chin. Maybe to preserve, need to inject some product on the inner lip.

Lower lip volumizing

Treatment always begins shaping the lower lip contour, then the amount of gel injected necessary to carry the desired volume by the patient and by the physician advised.

-How do the results?

It varies more than a factor, mainly on the type of product used, metabolism of each particular person, and the area to be injected. The average duration is 6 months 1 year. Some brands of hyaluronic acid long lasting, may persist 12 a 24 months. This is a resorbable facial filler, meaning that the body itself is gradually degraded once injected, until it disappears months later.

-How is the treatment?

The treatment is performed in doctors adequately prepared for it. It is a non-surgical treatment, painless, fully ambulatory. In most cases it is not even necessary local anesthesia, and it does not hurt. The patient may feel a slight discomfort, totally tolerable.

-How long is the treatment?

The treatment is very quick. If it is a single facial area 15 minute treatment ends. The more facial areas are, the longer the duration.

-What are the immediate side effects?

After application the skin may redden, appear bruising and / or swelling in the area. In most cases, side effects facial fillers disappear within 48 hours after application.

Clínica Rads Beauty. P º Eduardo Dato 12, 1ºB. Madrid

Tel. 914 484 070

Price lip augmentation: between 200-500 € about.


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