Harmony between sport and skincare with Eucerin

With the autumn, daily life returns to normal. Finished the summer holidays, time to get going with the new year and with it the return to fitness and daily sport comes. If you are one of those who train regularly you will be aware of how important it is to care for your skin after exercise. And you know that some of the factors and assaults to the skin faces are sweating, continuous showers and dryness.

Dr. Juan Arenas, advising the different firms, ensures “in sports such as spinning, Bicycle, aerobics or treadmill in gym, skin suffers as intense exercise by sweating. This phenomenon is positive because it helps cleanse impurities and maintain effective thermoregulation, yet it is negative because it dries the skin to remove your coat or protective acid mantle”.

Arenas indicates that

to hydrate properly inside and outside fluid intake is necessary before, during and after exercise and use moisturizers to compensate and prevent water loss in the skin.

For that reason, scientific department Eucerin has developed a body conditioning that strengthens the natural defenses of the skin easily and comfortable: Eucerin under the shower. The product maintains and protects sensitive skin directly in the shower. Its formula stimulates skin regeneration and is applied to damp skin. No sticky feeling after application.

Bajo la ducha_eucerin_beautopic

Thanks to its innovative formula and technology hidrodispensación, designed specifically for use in the shower, immediately hydrates the skin and forms a protective film on the skin.

How to use: Apply to damp skin, after the usual rinsing shower gel. Rinse and dry skin; you can dress immediately

PVP 13,10 €.
Content: 400 ml. Pharmacy sales.

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