alli helps you to rescue forgotten your clothes

9 decade 10 Spanish keeps in his closet a garment that bears without getting, at least one year, hoping to put it back on when you retrieve your size. there, the first weight loss drug without a prescription authorized in the EU, It presents the data collection clothes I "forgotten".

According to the survey, the average is forgotten garments 5 items per cabinet. Hence, alli®, He organized an event to raise these garments, while it presented its product, that promises to help losing a 50% more weight than with diet alone. In this way, the alli® brand becomes the necessary assistance to slip into those jeans again resting on a perch for a long time. Clearly, jeans and dresses have been and are the protagonists of this campaign, because they are the clothes that are kept waiting again someday entrarnos.

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GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare (GSK CH) It has launched a new communication campaign there, to publicize that, if overweight, there may be the solution. This medicine without prescription, It is aimed at overweight people who are willing to carry out a positive change in your lifestyle. Namely, mejorar los hábitos alimenticios y practicar algo de ejercicio regularmente.

there, It is indicated for adults over 18 years whose body mass index is greater than or equal to 28kg / m2. Its active ingredient is orlistat, and containing half the dose prescription sold.

For each 2 kg is lost following a diet low in fat and calories, there helps you lose one or more. Also, It acts only in the digestive system by preventing the body from absorbing about 25% fat food. Its effect is gradual, which adds security to treatment and increases the chances of maintaining an optimal weight once the diet.


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