What is beautopic?

Every day we observe, from tv and magazines, perfect bodies thousands of pre-designed to make us drool and dream of the unattainable. liposuction, botox, fake tits, unreal lips, retouched skin…We could continue naming each piece to explore the human body. Since we are being bombarded by all these topics, well why not soak up every detail?. This page was created with great enthusiasm and desire to share all and especially inform, about treatments and techniques most demanded today in the world of aesthetic clinics and beauty centers.

Who is behind?

Two journalists specialized in beauty eager to expand their knowledge and learn a little more each day.

Lola Santaella. Journalist by vocation and heritage. I have fought on many fronts and I have reported from different media: Radio stations in Galicia, newspapers, correspondent of EFE in La Coruña and from the central headquarters in Madrid Efe, where I was more than 25 years old. At that time I went through different sections: Company, Health, Culture, Edition…Now…What do a blog? Good, It is something I had not tried that catches my attention. At the end of the day it is do as I have done for many years: Report. This time, Beauty issues.


Maria Villoro. Journalist specializing in beauty for many years. He collaborated in magazines like feminine WAPA, Instyle and Vogue beauty supplement. I have also seen the other side of journalism in communication agencies, PR as certain brands and always came to the same conclusion: My passions are two: animals and write, why fate took turns necessary to do what I like, while I fight for the rights of animals. Beautopic is the perfect complement, the icing embellished a little more what I do.

If you're a clinic or beauty related brand and would like to send us information on a topic, treatment, Product, intervention, etc. We will be delighted to receive the following email: info@beautopic.es

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