The exam… June

In all new products are, but during these months I have had the honor to test, touch and feel a lot of cosmetics. So I wanted to write a short review of each one and tell you why I have chosen as Favorites.


  1. Vinylux of CND. The nail polishes do not stop reinvented every season, why give a 10 and Vinylux. By its very long duration, by their vibrant colors and saving steps to get a good manicure. An art formula, whose color is reinforced with natural light. No natural color stains, base need not remain intact until 7 days. 11,50 €
  2. Touch of Happiness of Rituals. Not a current bodymilk. Its texture surround and chords Sweet Orange and Cedarwood hydrate the skin and flood light mind. I've put a 10, because its subtle orange aroma has made me addicted and now I can not go without using it every day after showering. It also contains antioxidants and Vitamin E to protect and strengthen the skin.
  3. Pro Finish of Make up For ever. A powder foundation compact that achieves a perfect face in two minutes. 25 different shades to suit any ethnicity and skin color. I give another 10 this basis that unifies, matifica, cover and correct and I think he deserves it for professional results, its speed is transforming the face and because it does not take an expert to know how to use. Sales at Sephora. 40 €
  4. Fitbit Zip. A device-wireless activity monitor that counts the steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and provides real-time statistics, be a powerful motivational tool to give a few more steps each day. Note: a 10 its size, as great a € 2 coin, for your convenience to use, there is more to hang anywhere with just a clip and it has an entire virtual platform behind where you can share your challenges and challenge other, even through your smartphone. Price: 59'95 €.
  5. Liquid Gold of Salon Hits. Argan oil in its purest form that revitalizes,and moisturizes your hair instantly. Mis reasons for el 10 are simple. Besides strengthening the hair, gives a softness and a very special shine leaving it manageable and lightweight. price: 10,20 €
  6. Springfield cosmetics. A fun lip glosses and delicious. Cups and ice cream cones to enjoy unlimited its five different flavors. Its 10 he has earned by the scent appealing and summery and of course for design irresistible treat. Price: 3Approx €.
  7. Glossy stick of Deborah Milano. It is a lipstick, ni a gloss, or a balm. It's three things at once and so I've given a 10 this fabulous invention. Its creamy texture moisturizes and nourishes lips (Typical actions balm) Contains collagen to maintain optimal hydration and an extra volume. The formula is enriched with UVA-UVB filters to protect lips while equipping them with fashion colors. Price: 9,90€.

These are my 7 magnificent, all fit in my purse and deserve a 10 for their different qualities and those details that fascinated me

You, have any favorites you want to share?

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