3 impact looks 1 eyeliner

Nobody said getting a seductive eyes off easy. Many women find it impossible to draw a line with precision and style and stay directly with a coat of mascara to give them some sophistication.

Now, Hand Benefit, llega el primer delineador con una fórmula en gel negro mate y un diseño ergonómico: They’re Real! Push-up Liner. Its tapered and flexible tip makes it very easy to apply, one time and with one hand. As of now there is no excuse for all can draw a perfect line in a jiffy!.

Price: 25€


The Benefit of makeup artists they give us, also, these 3 looks that enhance the look. Choose yours!

- In a stroke:

the looks_winged out wowApply They’re Real! Push-up Liner closest to the line of your lashes for a dramatic look in the blink of an eye. Now you are ready to raze!

- Feline eyes:

the looks_swoop up & away

Outlines from the tear of the eye outwards. Draw a small corner just past the outer corner of the eye. This effect will enlarge your eyes and give a sexy touch

-Sé Cleopatra:

the looks_retro double wing

It outlines the top and bottom line of your lashes from the inside to the outside of the eye. Stretch the line to create a longer corner, Always with an open eye for the angle is correct. You'll look super glam retro look!

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