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Sabon trae la naturaleza a tu cuerpo

Autor María Víllora More Posts Dead sea. Así se llama la nueva línea de Sabon que contiene ingredientes exclusivos del Mar Muerto. Su fragancia invita a cerrar los ojos e imaginar que nos encontramos en un spa de lujo y en un ambiente de relajación y rejuvenecimiento. Es ligeramente afrutada y floral y se mezcla con matices de la tierra, creando un aroma único.  Esta gama de lujo, proveniente de Israel, tiene el poder de acabar con el estrés y hacer que te entren ganas de cuidarte.  Dentro de sus ingredientes destacan el agua, las sales, el barro negro y las plantas del Mar Muerto. Esta combinación aporta a la […] Read more…


healthy and tanned skin with Piz Buin

Autor Lola Santaella More Posts Son muchos meses de espera, but spring and summer are just around the corner. Or almost… And it's time to think about better care for our skin and at the same time get a nice tan, without causing damage and make many / as we ask where have you been? But how do you get health and beauty skin simultaneously? To achieve Piz Buin has devised potect & Cool, the first sun refreshing mousse that instantly provides a pleasant feeling of freshness frozen, It is featuring innovative technology, and also to help tanning protects from UVA / UVB rays. […] Read more…


Yoga para niños y mamás

Author Mary Víllora More Posts A year ago Elena Ferraris opened in the neighborhood Chamberí. A bright living space, perfect place to find peace. Under the slogan “breathe”, Elena combines the therapeutic and restorative yoga that prevents injuries and helps with body symmetry. With current techniques such as mindfullness, and his training as a health coach, results in body and mind are visible from the first session. & Nbsp; & nbsp; Also he teaches classes for moms and moms, with always small groups for more personalized attention. & Nbsp; & nbsp; Yoga for children is headed by Patricia Santos, professor specializing in this field, integrating […] Read more…


Sleek new shades of MakeUp

Autor María Víllora More Posts La marca de maquillaje Sleek MakeUP, famosa por su pigmentación y larga duración, lanza en España dos nuevas colecciones para ojos y labios: i-Divine A New Day y All Night Long y Lip VIP.    Las barras de labios Lip VIP , inspiradas en los colores de tendencia de la alfombra roja, poseen un intenso pigmento de larga duración y un acabado semi-mate.    Además contienen Vitamina E, Manteca de Karité y Aceite de Coco para hidratar los labios. Price: 7,49 € (en venta a partir de abril de 2016) La paleta A New Day i-Divine es perfecta para iluminar los ojos durante el día, […] Read more…


Treatment with a facial Sorpréndele

Author Lola Santaella More Posts Another year is coming Father's Day, a date in which the children daisy defoliate to hit the perfect gift for Dad and not repeat. A perfume?, tie? ¿Handkerchiefs with his initials? A modern shirt? Bahhhh, if you have all. Good, almost everything. Lately shares some cream with mom and seems to like taking care of your face. Decided: this year we will surprise you with proper treatment your skin. The research shows that men's skin is about 20% thicker than women and more sebaceous glands ontains. It also has more collagen […] Read more…

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