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Micro nail

Perfect nails in seconds

Author Maria Sin Villoro More Posts glazes ni products, even limes. Only the new device nail Micro, an electric grinder that polishes and polishes nails effortlessly. This handset so cute, as I have already won me over, get some natural nails and ultra shiny instantly. With two types of interchangeable rollers, polishing and polish, can be used at any time and place and make nails as recently passed by the salon. Can you dejártelas with natural brightness that gives you Micro Nail, or can you pintártelas after leaving the nail and about, without spoiling […] Read more…

Bajo la ducha_eucerin_beautopic

Harmony between sport and skincare with Eucerin

Author Lola Santaella More Posts With autumn, daily life returns to normal. Finished the summer holidays, time to get going with the new year and with it the return to fitness and daily sport comes. If you are one of those who train regularly you will be aware of how important it is to care for your skin after exercise. And you know that some of the factors and assaults to the skin faces are sweating, continuous showers and dryness. Dr. Juan Arenas, advising the different firms, ensures “in sports such as spinning, Bicycle, the […] Read more…

Nutrisse color_garnier

Latest from Garnier for vivid, natural color

Author Mary Víllora More Posts Gone dyes hair strong odors and harmful hair textures. Garnier has its permanent coloring product, besides being very simple to implement, protects the scalp with its natural ingredients. Garnier Nutrisse is suitable for all hair types and in three steps is able to cover gray hair, provide a uniform, bright color and nourish your hair by conditioner with avocado oil. A dye for all, combining Garnier professional results with a very affordable price 4 €. Also comes with a dye mask with multi-application […] Read more…

Color Elixir_maybelline

Maybelline New textures for lips

Author Mary Víllora More Posts Color Elixir is the first textured lipstick liquid balm Maybelline. The result is pure, ultra-bright lip colors. Besides being super nice to the eye, get your lips are very moist and sexy at the same time. Eye! Not only brightness, su formula provides intense color enriched with castor oil, a powerful moisturizer. 9 ringtones to find the trend of this season's go with you. Maybelline Color Elixir Price: 10,99 € Read more…


Stop the stress and renew your face with Flawless Future

Autor Lola Santaella More Posts Keep 30 years is the sea of ​​palatable. The woman is in her best age, with a lifetime ahead. In many cases it work, a couple, a child and few problems. But…there is always a but. It is also the time of stress, you want all abarcarlo, to believe that nothing can stop us and not paying enough attention to our face. Should sit a moment and think that stress suffered any woman in that situation happens your bill. And it does as a deterioration of the facial skin that is easily visible. Is there a brake? Who has […] Read more…


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