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Carol Celico_Las rozas village

Carol Celico “Dry trip to chic” in Madrid

Author Mary Víllora More Posts The Blogger Carol Celico visit Las Rozas Village and shows us her favorite places, the brands that you love and your favorite stores in Madrid. Dry Ambassador trip to chic during the summer campaign and editor of carolcelico.com, confesses that she loves to spend a relaxing day of shopping and accompanied his family in Las Rozas Village. If you want to know more secrets tastes and hit play on the video and she'll tell you. & Nbsp;Read more…

Silincode SOS_Pulsera_Niño_Azul

The QR bracelet that identifies you with a scan

Autor María Víllora More Posts Por si tuviéramos pocos gadgets en nuestra vida, born bracelet as chula, with that in a single scan with a smartphone tells us a lot of data about the person wearing. Los laboratorios Omega Pharma son los responsables de este invento en España, SilinCode SOS, silicone bracelet with QR code that helps protect the ones you love. How it works? A través del código QR, anyone with a smartphone or tablet can access a personal profile and find important information such as: name, información médica relevante o el contacto de las personas a las que […] Read more…

vivir soñando_amaya arzuaga y solan de cabras

Solan de Cabras and Amaya Arzuaga create “Living dreaming”

Author Mary Víllora More Posts fashion designer Amaya Arzuaga collaborates in this audiovisual piece that travels along the most iconic brand packaging of Solan de Cabras. The video tells the story through characters related to the personality of Solán goats exhibiting their own dreams as a thread. It is online since 15 July on social media brand so that consumers do not just be a mere spectator of the campaign, but have an experience with it, given the opportunity to share his dream and become the next star of the campaign. […] Read more…


Organic Skincare by Persé

Autor María Víllora More Posts Me encanta esta marca. Why? something very basic and organic products that are also cater to all skin types. Sua natural assets are able to improve the appearance of skin without resorting to synthetic ingredients. I recommend several products that I myself have worked: -Nourishing Body Cream. With olive oil, macadamia and jojoba. Aloe Vera and Shea Butter are also two of the main components. They provide a healthy appearance to the skin and protect it from dehydration. -Serum Eye Contour. Un serum de […] Read more…


Flower by Kenzo. Su nuevo Eau de Toilette

Author Mary Villoro More Posts A feminine floral scent of magic lleno Whose story transcurre in Paris. The Seine is dyed red with its studded background of poppies, in which a fairy dips and begins to release flowers around town spreading his power. Flower by Kenzo contains this floral powdery magic of an elegant classic that embraces you with its aroma. su chord floral pink, violet and hawthorn, mixed with vanilla and white musk and a touch of incense. Kenzo perfume has creao Poppy, a simple and beautiful flower whose petals spread their energy inspired poetic romanticism […] Read more…

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