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The fluorine to be carried on your nails

Autor Gemma More Posts Muchas de nosotras somos adictas a los colores flúor y otras tantas lo somos a Vinylux de CND. If we put these two premises we have a very tasty cocktail for the days of sun and sand. Yo misma me declaro culpable y enganchada a estos esmaltes por su textura y duración Los colores vibrantes que presenta Vinylux no son ninguna novedad, pero lo que nos ha dejado pasmadas y enamoradas es su neceser en tono ácido que te regala la marca al comprar 3 enamels range. Also, The kit includes a top coat and Solar Oil mini size, gift both. […] Read more…

Skin Clinic

Depigmentation treatments

Author Mary Víllora More Posts Liver spots is an issue that concerns every year many women in the world. Especially when the summer comes when planted in the sun, we enter a kind of fear of photoaging, the harmful rays of the sun and stain, both the face and body. D. Cayetano Gutiérrez, pharmacist and director of SkinClinic has formulated a specific pioneering treatment in eliminating, reducing and preventing stains from facial skin Short, with high concentrations of active ingredients. Melancyc The effectiveness of the results highlighted in three aspects: […] Read more…

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