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Jour d´Hermes Absolu_beautopic

Smelling nice smell good before

Autor Lola Santaella More Posts Ramos, ramilletes, manojos, strokes, you do; cut flowers in garden or indoor flowers; flowers of morning and afternoon…a symphony of flowers composed a special fragrance, written with a definite style and caressing: Absolute day d'Hermes. It is a fragrance, after his predecessor Jour d'Hermes, that rewrites the floral theme from voluptuousness, an essence that shines with a new glow, a statement and a tribute to the woman with case. A perfume, in brief, sucking –in the words of its creators– a “smell nice” before the “smell good”. And it gets fully with its multitude of flowers caught in a […] Read more…


Depigmentation 3D

Autor Lola Santaella More Posts Para aquellas que las tienen son un suplicio, martyrdom and a constant concern. And, of course, not clear what to do or what remedy put. But know there is no time to waste and urged to seek the appropriate remedy. Hablamos de las manchas que afean nuestro rostro. But, luckily, la cosmética y la medicina estética han asumido el reto de borrar manchas, to hit the target and rectify the tracks left on the skin genetic, stress, the sun and hormonal disorders. Clean Slate skin. Así es el modo en que la firma Singuladerm se dirige implacable […] Read more…

Serums Oceanyx

Oceanyx. The power of the ocean skin

Autor María Víllora More Posts Todos conocemos los beneficios de las algas marinas. Vitamins, peptides and other real good skin actives, come together to create 6 serums exclusivos para cada necesidad. Oceanyx ofrece productos naturales procedentes del mar. His creative, Ana Rodriguez Mosquera, always aimed to find an effective response to sensitive issues and atopic skin, and got. Un serum para cada edad y necesidades de hidratación, regeneration and repair. 6 treatments, morning and evening the results are seen from the first week. -Serum Celular Platino hidratante-de 25-35 years old. Proporciona una hidratación superior y esencial para la regeneración de las células y […] Read more…

Maybelline_brow drama

Get eyebrows for you

Autor María Víllora More Posts Lograr las cejas perfectas es toda una aventura cuando no tenemos los conocimientos ni las herramientas adecuadas. Also, genetics plays an important role in this mission because some women are better equipped than others. There eyebrows, fine, long hair, very brown, fragile ... They all deserve proper treatment and for this there are some secrets you need to know. No matter you eres rubia morena or, or the color of your skin. Each eyebrow is a world to be studied thoroughly and well, learn as they deserve mimarlas. La marca Maybelline NY nos destapa algunos trucos para alcanzar […] Read more…

collage pink_beautopic

The pink fashion

Autor María Víllora More Posts No podemos hablar mal del ROSA, especially in a time that is everywhere and she manages to seduce the with its powerful sweetness. I can not help, I chifla pastel pink. So flirty, so romantic, as female… knows and cosmetics, why not stop making products that make us chiribitas eyes are super-nice and also the senses. Here are some of my favorites: -Rosa light water All. A fragrance that captures the first fragrance of the rose in the morning. Un aroma que insinúa el rocío fresco del amanecer con un […] Read more…

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