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GEL AFEITAR Sensitive (Alta) (2)

and make them sensitive skin??

Author Mary Víllora More Posts Though they are hard on the outside and have rough looking and burly, there are many men who have atopic skin and reagents. Since genetic factors, to environmental stress and, factors are involved in the majority of male skin problems such as dermatitis. This causes to increase the dehydration and deterioration of the skin barrier. Nivea has created a range especially designed for them “sensitive” To shave or not a problem the main cause of the sensitivity of the male skin. Sensitive Nivea comprises Men: -Sensitive shave gel: for a close shave and protects […] Read more…


Aesthetic treatments for skin care

Author Mary Víllora More Posts We usually stay in the face and not down there, however, Summer must be careful with the skin of the neck and chest because they are areas of the body that are most exposed to solar radiation and more prone to wrinkles and spots. It is therefore very important to use high factor sunscreen before sun exposure and subsequent hydration. The free radicals, responsible for aging and deterioration of the skin, should be addressed with the production of antioxidants in the body. To this, addition to skin care […] Read more…

the looks_below & behold

3 impact looks 1 eyeliner

Autor María Víllora More Posts Nadie dijo que conseguir unos ojos seductores fuera fácil. Many women find it impossible to draw a line with precision and style and stay directly with a coat of mascara to give them some sophistication. Now, de la mano de Benefit, llega el primer delineador con una fórmula en gel negro mate y un diseño ergonómico: They’re Real! Push-up Liner. Its tapered and flexible tip makes it very easy to apply, one time and with one hand. As of now there is no excuse for all can draw a perfect line in a jiffy!. Price: 25€ Los […] Read more…


Colors of Summer

Autor María Víllora More Posts Las tendencias de temporada anuncian que viene tormenta de color, al menos eso es lo que trae la firma francesa Bourjois. And this summer is that the brand is committed to a bold eyes with colored eyeliners, vibrant masks and waterproof and even nail art. Contour Clubbing Waterproof. Eye Pencils with matte effects, pearlescent or glitter according to taste. With sliding and creamy textures and a formula that lasts intact 24 hours. Price: 8,80 € Volume Glamour Max Holidays. A mask size mini and waterproof. Price: 6,25 € Para una mirada eléctrica combina un trazo negro con un color flúor. Para un […] Read more…

Aceite Seco de la línea Monï de Tahití

Aceites de Yves Rocher para el verano

Autor María Víllora More Posts Yves Rocher ha recuperado una tradición milenaria de la Polinesia, en la que utilizaban un tratamiento muy eficaz para el cuidado del cabello y la piel. El secreto consistía en combinar el Aceite de Coco con la Flor del Tiaré, de este modo la marca apuesta por el potencial de la planta exótica y lo convierte en el activo principal del Aceite de Tiaré Tradicional y el Aceite Seco, ambos productos de la línea Monoï de Tahití. Con este producto vegetal consiguen que tanto el cabello como la piel estén nutridos e hidratados en los meses estivales. Evitando así la sequedad y proporcionando suavidad extrema. […] Read more…

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