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properties of Argan oil

Autor María Víllora More Posts este componente originario de Marruecos ha sido un valioso secreto hasta hace pocos años. and is that a secret of this caliber should not stay hidden long enough, for the sake of humanity. What is the mystery? The Argan tree keeps a wonderful fruit whose seeds yield oil and use prominently in cosmetics. Body Massages, rashes improve, Acne Treatment, striations… These are just some of its benefits for body beauty, but today is the protagonist of many hair products, por su alto contenido en vitamina E que lo convierte en un excelente […] Read more…

heidi Klum-astor

Boom! Summer mask

Author Mary Villoro More Posts “License to seduce”, este es el nuevo reto que Astor lanza a las mujeres para triunfar en lo que se propongan, and how they do? With a university degree?, business course?, una sesión de coach para creer más en una misma? Not! Astor lanza la nueva máscara de volumen explosivo Big & Beautiful BOOM 24H! for myocardial flanges during 24 hours. A cosmetic, on second thought, will provide more than one free admission to any concert, o llevarse de calle al chulazo de turno porque como dice su embajadora Heidi Klum “Es como una varita mágica! Su cepillo extra […] Read more…

Sala Exploración Dr. Jarque 1

Laser liposuction

Author Mary Víllora More Posts One of the main shortcomings of conventional liposuction is difficult to correct the problems of sagging skin, well his recovery is often long and annoying. A few years ago began to experiment with a few lasers to overcome these problems and today it can be said that laser assisted liposuction is a revolution in the field of body shaping. Why laser? The lasers used in liposuction allows download, controllably, energy directly into the fat layer. The heat energy results in the temperatures reached and allows the destruction of cells […] Read more…

crystal shine de Sensilis

Crystal Shine Sensilis

Autor María Víllora More Posts Los protagonistas siguen siendo los colores luminosos de cobertura ligera y texturas cremosas, ideal for a sophisticated look, fresh and natural. Os presentamos las novedades veraniegas de Sensilis -lipstick perfect ligth. Lipstick silky and soft cover. Its creamy texture extends seamlessly across his lips, and provides them with a thin layer of luminous color and crystal-clear effect. Also, its formula enriched with hyaluronic acid and vitamins A conbinación, C and E moisturizes and highlights the natural beauty of the lips. The results are lips that shine with their own light. 17€ -Sofisticados polvos compactos de textura sedosa, […] Read more…


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