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Scintillant Pour Le Corps de perfumeriás Julia

For Sparkling Body para brillar

Autor Lola Santaella More Posts Playa y natación por las mañanas; rest in the afternoon. Dinners and parties with friends, and arranged a little, to finish the day… What more can you ask? Good, there is always more. Why do those nights brighter? How? Very easy: el gel Scintillant Pour Le Corps de Julia te brinda su ayuda. We've tried and we can ensure that this luxurious iridescent gel, de Perfumería Julia, provides an elegant glitter effect, and simultaneously illuminates and adorns the skin with a unique result. Should be applied with a few touches on the skin. Una mínima cantidad será suficiente para hacer […] Read more…

sha wellness clinic-exterior

la filosofía Sha wellness clinic

Autor María Víllora More Posts Sha Wellness Clinic, besides being one of the favorite destinations for the celebrities to purify the seashore and in an idyllic landscape, has become a benchmark of health and wellness clinics. This luxury resort located on the beach of Albir, in Alicante, makes you feel like submitting to any physical or mental challenge without feeling any kind of rejection or laziness. Elsa Pataki celebrities like Naomi Campbell or are faithful followers of their treatments and detox your custom programs, designed to rejuvenate and improve the body and mind as you surrender to its luxurious facilities. […] Read more…


“mini-instinct”. The latest in cosmetic surgery

Author Maria Villores More Posts read mini iPad, a smaller room than the original, el Galaxy mini 2, S2, S4…mini mini nail polishes and cosmetics and all items that you can imagine in a miniature version, to, at least, air travel. No wonder that in terms of surgery also receive this concept somewhere. This is the case of the mini-lipos, which is nothing but the ligth version of the classic liposuction. But, Look out! not suitable for everyone, are specifically aimed at those who still have a good figure and without being overweight, have accumulations of […] Read more…


Shadows Sisley as precious ingots

Autor Lola Santaella More Posts Sí, as authentic gold bullion. Así son las nuevas sombras de ojos que Sisley propone para el próximo otoño y que pudimos admirar hace unos días durante su presentación. Each pig has its shadow-light effect. Every woman, its mystery… They are like the Octopus star, subtle pearly, glitter with a thousand sparkles… Phyto-Ombre Glow es una nueva colección, silky, ultrathin vibrant and captures light and comes in four colors pure and intense: Silver, o ext helada; Pearl, o luz perlada; Gold, or luz solar; y Amber, coppery light. !!!Impossible to resist!!! These shadows are used as single color in the eyelid, the […] Read more…


The commandments of beauty (I)

Autor Lola Santaella More Posts Limpiaras y exfoliaras tu piel; shalt worship the moisturizing; sanctify the sera, Sunscreen will love…these are some of the main commandments of beauty that will help keep your skin, both the face and body, healthy, young, soft, bright with good tone. Hard to enforce?? None of that. It's all good habits and a few minutes a day. And, course, some cosmetics, that make life more comfortable. The first commandment we recommend cleaning the skin twice daily or, in case of laziness, lack of time or unwillingness, once a day. And […] Read more…

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