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Transform your body without surgery

Autor María Víllora More Posts El nuevo protocolo T2T (Treatment to Transformation) Personalized helps treat localized fat areas in each patient. Each person is different and comes with its serial defects. Who would not like to change a couple of things in your body? Sometimes the abdomen, hips with saddlebags, thighs too wide…The evils never come alone, es por esto que la Clínica Dermatológica Internacional, que incorpora el T2T con DualSculptingTM, utiliza la tecnología CoolSculpting® de forma doble pudiendo tratar dos áreas al mismo tiempo y reduciendo el tiempo total del tratamiento. How?, mediante un plan especializado que permita moldear el […] Read more…

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Lipotransference, removable grease

Autor María Víllora More Posts Es el deseo de muchas: “I take from here and place it here”… is no longer a utopia through the lipotransference, that involves removing fat from the body parts leftover, mainly abdomen y cartucheras, then insert them into other parts of the body, with the assurance that there will be no rejection because it is the patient's own fat. El doctor José Aparicio Alcázar,specialist in plastic surgery, reparadora y estética de Clínica Londres responde a las 10 most important questions about this aesthetic intervention. – What is this treatment? La lipotransferencia consiste en la combinación de […] Read more…

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The era of facial fillers

Autor María Víllora More Posts Es un hecho que un rostro con volumen es sinónimo de juventud y vivimos en una época en la que pasarse por cualquier clínica estética a realizarse un relleno facial ya es algo muy normal. What's behind these small interventions? Many types of filler, but today we will talk about the temporary. Tal y como cuenta el Dr. Daniel Arenas, Director Médico de Merz Aesthetics, these “trying to recover in a natural way without going through surgery optimal facial volume distribution”. Their results are very natural and last up to one year after its injection. Thus “Conseguimos […] Read more…

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